Blow the trumpets over Ireland

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25 – 27 June 2012

„Trumpet blowing” in England, Wales, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland

Before we even started to plan this trip in detail it was obvious to us that we should visit all these countries in one fell swoop. That meant travelling from one country to another without any interruption. This we had previously done in three Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden and Norway and also in the former Yugoslavia and now separate Balkan states, where we visited eight nations inside nine days. We believe that GOD wants to bring healing and restoration to these countries whose history is so interwoven with fighting and tales of woe and to make them a blessing for Europe and the world as never before.

Miriam Beattie was waiting for us at the quayside in Roslare where our ship from Wales docked. We enjoyed the very peaceful, sunny three and a half-hour crossing. Next day we initially met the intercesssors in a hotel near Tara, where the trumpets were to be blown. First of all we explained to them the vision and the message which the trumpet blowing represented. Every time it is moving to see how much those present are touched, gripped by, even schocked by this message. A lady had received the word „restoration“ for this day from the Lord.
So we stood there in Tara by the „Stone of Destiny“, blew the trumpets over Ireland. proclaimed God’s Word and spent some time in intercession. This place is a well-known historical site where the pagan Kings were crowned. Nowadays, this hill is visited by New Agers, witches and those involved in occult practices from all over the world to celebrate their festivities and rituals and to worhip mother earth (sun, moon, nature etc.). The words „restoration now“ which we saw on a sign, leaning at a building site encouraged us as a word from God, that we should expect Him to act and intervene. A building worker, who was just beginning his work as we came down the hill also confirmed this word.

about blow the trompets: Video

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