Blow the trumpets over Iceland

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23 -30 July 2011

Three days after our eight-nation Balkan trip in our car, where it was sometimes very hot, we flew to Iceland and landed near the capital, Rejkjavik. Here the average temperature during the two hottest months of the year, July and August, is between 13 – 14 degrees. We have never experienced such rapid changes in weather conditions before as we have just experienced in Iceland. It only took a few minutes to change from sunshine, to a heavy grey sky with thick, dark clouds and heavy rainstorms, to fog so that one could not see the surrounding hillside and back to sunshine again. We experienced it all! On the day planned for the trumpet blowing the weather was clearly and without any chance of changing, bad. It was raining cats and dogs and at the same tine, there was a strong wind (unfortunately one cannot see that in the picture). We were standing with Helgi, a young Pentecostal pastor, on a hill with a wonderful view over Reykjavik and the neighbouring small towns. Neither the wind nor the rain could prevent us from blowing the trumpets, praying for the city and proclaiming God’s word! An impressive and awesome experience!

We have also never seen so many pregnant women and young parents with their prams, as we saw in Iceland. We were told that the Christians are very young (between 16 and 20) when they get married and have children. The same ist true of the non-Christians, except that they do not get married and they frequently change partners. Abortions on 13-year-olds – without the knowledge of their parents! Both rape and abuse are widespread. The prisons are so full that quite a few convicted people are still walking free, because the authorities do not know what to do with them.

We also heard that it was not the Vikings but Irish monks who were the first to visit and then to settle on the island and to leave their benficial marks behind. We were especially happy to hear that blessings also flow from Switzerland to Iceland. A few years ago God sent a Swiss couple to the island with a prophetic message. It was a call for the spiritual leaders to pray for their country. Great shakings are on the way! The leaders followed this appeal – for the first time in their history. The zeal to pray started to wane and threatened to come to a complete stop. Then suddenly came the bank crash and the country was bankrupt. The united prayer immediately increased in its depth and passion! The yearly Summercamp, where some 5,000 Christians from different denominations come together (similar to the Levitencamp in Switzerland) is an encouragement for many. It is wonderful and encouraging to see, that God has „His people“ in every nation; brothers and sisters whom one instantly likes and recognises as part of His family.

about blow the trompets: Video

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