Blow the trumpets over Italy

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5 – 7 January 2012

The New Year began very promisingly – this we experienced in many different ways! One, in particular, was and will remain unique; we were able to blow the trumpets in two different countries on the same day!. And each time we were in the centre: in the administrative centre of the Catholic Church and in the geographical centre of Italy ( in Rieti). Wow – at first, we were not conscious of these facts – but HE knows…..
There were five of us who flew with Easy Jet from Basle to Rome. From there we travelled by train and bus to our prearranged meeting point. Mari and Luciana were waiting for us there and escorted us to our quarters. We all stayed in the same house, situated isolated and well off the beaten track up in the mountains surrounding Rieti.
Three young men and a young woman arrived later in the middle of the night. Because of the fog they had taken eight hours to drive from Milan to Rieti. They also slept in the house, on the sofa.. Next morning I recounted the vision of the trumpet blowing to all those present – explaining what GOD has on HIS heart for this prayer initiative. Afterwards we prayed for the coming day’s activities.

Immediately after this time in the Vatican, we returned to Rieti. There in the clearly-marked geographical middlepoint we wanted to blow the trimpets for and over Italy.It is a wonderful place steeped in history. Intercessors from all over the world come here to pray. GOD wanted to bring us to this centrepoint to blow the trumpets.
As I now look at the pictures of the shipwreck off the Italian coast, I ask myself whether GOD wants to say something to us through it. To see this once so proud, leviathan lying so helplessly on its side – could it be a picture for the tarnished Catholic Church , or even the Italian State itself? The nonchalant , casual and slipshod action of the captain could it possibly be the attitude of a whole nation. Finally, it could once again be interpreted as a warning and a wake-up call to turn around and repent.

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