Blow the trumpets over Jerusalem


September / October 2010

It is always special to be in Jerusalem. And meeting there with 1500 other Christians from 150 nations in order to worship God and intercede for Israel and the nations, there is sometimes a heavenly „fragrance“. Or at least, what we imagine it to be. I was motivated to be there this year because of God’s clear call to blow the trumpets over Europe from Jerusalem. Thus I had the opportunity, supported by other European leaders and believers, to sound out this prophetic wake-up to repentance from Jerusalem. It was very encouraging for me to realize that God’s urgent call to his church is heard not only in Europe. All the messages in the first week (afterwards I had to return home), from speakers such as Tom Hess, Ofer Amitai, Heidi Baker, John Mulinde etc. had the same core: Ultimately it was always about God’s nearly despairing call to his church to repent!

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