Blow the trumpets over Kosovo

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16 July 2011

As soon as we crossed the border into Kosovo we could feel the depressive, dark atmosphere that lies over this land. We passed innumerable motels, which we were informed later, were used for human trafficking and prostitution. At the same time, we could not fail to notice the large numbers of minarettes. When it comes to the good news about Jesus, Kosovo and its people are one of the most unreached countries and peoples. The Bible, itself, was first translated into their language as late as the 1980’s, and there is not one Christian cemetary in the whole land. „The people are afraid to receive Jesus and his message. They are afraid to be excommunicated. They are afraid of the moslems. They are afraid to die and have nowhere to be buried.“ this we heard from a pastor. We met him in the International Church in Pristina. Together with a missionary from Zambia, a missionary lady from Japan and this pastor from Kosovo we blew the trumpets and enjoyed a blessed time of prayer. It is encouraging to see how God sends people from all over the world to Europe. These missionaries have such a big heart and vision for this land, often more so than the nationals themselves.

about blow the trompets: Video

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