Blow the trumpets over Croatia

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19 July 2011

We were really looking forward to our time in Croatia. We would, at last, meet up with our friends, whom we had prevously visited a number of years ago. It was like coming home . This warm-hearted couple live in a remote house on a hill, surrounded by woods.There was not much to see there other than their prayer house. What a wonderful place, filled with the perceptible presence of God. They led us up a mountain with a wonderful panoramic view over large parts of Croatia and Zagreb. Here we blew the trumpets and Shofar. The Holy Spirit revealed through different pictures and impressions how we could pray in particular situations . Our Kroatian friend Snjezana often sees angels. On our return walk down from the mountain top, she saw a myriad of angels. They were sitting on horses and Snjezana could clearly hear them pawing the ground with their hooves. The heavenly hosts are ready, for a new breakthrough!

about blow the trompets: Video

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