Blow the trumpets over Latvia

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6 – 7 June 2012

We were collected from the airport by Levi, our local contact man in Latvia. What I experienced then in his country was one of the most amazing experiences to date. That first evening he had invited thirteen key spiritual leaders, heads of Christian Alliance organisations, bishops etc. (Catholic, Salvation Army, Baptist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Lutheran, Adventist etc.). One could hardly believe that ten of these important leaders met together at such short notice for a meal in a restaurant („in the Upper Room“). I was given the opportunity to speak about the trumpet initiative and to explain GOD’s message and the purpose which lies behind it.

And then?
Everyone of the leaders unanimously agreed: „This is GOD’s message for Latvia for this time!“

They prayed and asked Jesus, where and how this trumpet blowing action should be carried out!

And the result?
„It must be done on Christian radio so that as many people as possible can hear about it!“

The Catholic bishop rang the radio station up at about 20.00 and said; „We, the spiritual leaders of this country, would like to broadcast this message tomorrow on your radio !“

The next day we were all assembled at 13.00 in the studio of the radio station, proclaimed GOD’s message and blew the trumpets out over Latvia (to, on average, approxomately 130,000 listeners).



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