Blow the trumpets over Lithuania

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8 – 9 June 2012

Afterwards we had one day reserved to visit Lithuania.
After a number of attempts in vain, Levi had managed to make one contact. We drove for about three hours in his car from Riga (in Latvia) to the north of Lithuania. There we met three representatives of the free church. I explained the reason for our visit to the co-pastor and the two others. He asked several questions and came to the conclusion that he could not blow the trumpets, because his Pastor must make the decision. Besides it would be much better if we could arrange a bigger meeting. I answered that I thought now was the time to make this prophetic wake-up call. He was still undecided, so he went outside for a while (presumably to ring his pastor) and then returned. He was now prepared to blow the trumpets with me. We proclaimed GOD’s word over the town and the whole country and spent some time together in intercession.


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