Blow the trumpets over Luxemburg

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29 November 2012

It’s happened again – we are standing in front of a church, whose doors are closed.
That’s par for the course, I thought, totally lacking in faith and without any motivation. It is the day after the funeral of my mother-in-law. In truth, I would rather have stayed at home and gone into hiding. But then came the impression …, and now we found ourselves in Luxemburg, not even in the town centre! „Lord, when YOU want us to blow the trumpets today, then YOU must intervene, now!“ That much was clear. After this prayer, we found ourselves immediately in the town centre; inclusive of a parking place and an enormous cathedral. And now on the first door, there isn’t even a handle. That is God’s leading! At last we are sitting in an evangelical church, whose door is held open by a small yet pretty cushion. We felt that we were welcomed here by the Lord! In the quietness and peace we waited upon HIM and the contact, that HE had prepared for us. And so, in front of the church, we met a wonderful, believing, catholic sister in the Lord, who had attended the Mennonite Bibleschool in Bienenberg in Switzerland – and who was making Advent wreaths for the Evangelical church. We were immediately heart and soul together. She had prayed for such a long time for the people of Luxemburg! Back in the church, Werner and I blew the trumpets (with their blessing), because Juli couldn’t get one peep out of the trumpet. Afterwards we prayed in unity for her country. All three of us were completely overwhelmed and encouraged by this encounter, which the Father had bestowed upon us.!
So on the return journey I repented …….

Regula Woiwode

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