Blow the trumpets over Macedonia

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13 July 2011

Even the journey there was very contested. At the border we discovered that our insurance (green card for the car) was out of date.. The customs officer wanted a backhander before he would allow us into the country.. After some negotiations, we decided on a new and expensive insurance and only then could we continue on our way. Shortly therafter our car started to make some funny noises. The shock absorbers gave up the ghost … the garage in Skopje told us that it would take at least a week to get the necessary spare parts. HELP LORD! We left the car in the garage with lots of prayer and went up a mountain with a wonderful view over Skopje to blow the trumpets. To reach the mountain peak it was necessary to take the cable car. But when we reached the valley station the first thing we heard was that the cable car was out of order and they were trying to repair it as quickly as possible. We were in agreement: „O no, satan, we will not allow you to defeat us so easily“. In the meantime we had received a call from the garage that they had managed to find a second-hand spare part and that our car would be ready for us to collect so that we could continue our trip as planned. Three-quarters of an hour later the repairs to the cable car were completed and so we were able to reach the mountain station There we had a wonderful time of praise and worship, before Dad explained what had caused us to undertake this „trumpet blowing initiative“. Then we walked to the peak, itself, blew the trumpets and prayed for Macedonia. Likewise the Shofar was also blown over each and every neighbouring land and reconciliation between the Balkan countries was proclaimed.

about blow the trompets: Video

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