Blow the trumpets over Moldavia

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19 – 22 August 11

The contact to Moldavia came about through a married Swiss couple, who have a heart for the Moldavian people, which they received a number of years ago.. Peter and Margret drive several times a year, bringing aid and the love of Jesus mainly for the children. As a result of all these vists they have made a lot of contacts. Just to meet this wonderful, courageous couple made the whole journey worthwhile. Through them we met, among others, the couple who lead the ministry El Shaddai. They also work with children and every year over the summer months (school holidays) lead a summer camp, in which the children are trained to live their lives with Jesus. In this way they have reached out to some 4000 children. These kids and youths were taught among other things to pray. I gave them some important information about the importance to pray for Israel – why and how! Those responsible not only happily accepted this, but they were really excited. Wow! When all these children understand this, it will have an ever increasing circle of influence.

Not only a group of young people but also, as it was a special occasion, some Africans and adults joined in for the trumpet blowing which was the absolute highlight of the evening. Above all the young people were and are very eager to hear about Jesus. After I gave a shortened version of my testimony, I explained to them why I had come to Moldavia: I made it clear how very much God loves them and their nation, but also that HE is weeping over the condition of the Christians, Christianity and the church. And that GOD is looking for and needs a new generation that will radically love and follow HIM. After we had blown the trumpets, followed by a victory shout, we immediately started to pray for this country. The fire and passion of GOD could be felt as it moved over us. They prayed with such an intensity that I have only previously experienced in India. Some of the young people fell on their knees. Most of those present cried for their fellow countrymen and their land. They did not want to stop with their prayers, intercession and repentance. It was really something out of the ordinary. I had not noticed that a young man had left the room. A little while later he returned and said that he wanted to give his life to Jesus. Halleluja! We all agreed that God had caused this breakthrough and that this young man was a type of “first fruit „.

Thank you Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit!


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