Blow the trumpets over Monaco

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5 November 2012

The journey from San Marino to Monaco was one of the most beautiful that I have ever experienced. Along the Italian coastline and a small part of the French one in sunshine with a wonderful view over the turquoise blue water. Thankful for this privilege to be on a God-given mission in such beautiful surroundings, we drove on into the high society capital of Monaco. God’s leading in San Marino still filled me with joy and a lot of confidence for the next leg of the mission, although we had no contact person here either.

On arrival we prayed and shared together in a spring-like 23 degrees C,. seeking to find the person and place where God wanted us to proclaim His wake-up call. We came upon a small chapel, which was unfortunately closed. Nevertheless the breathtaking panorama over the whole city, the coastline and the palace of Prince Albert caused us to pause for a while. A street cleaner came over to us and we all enjoyed the view together. Our contact? We immediately tried to explain with hand and foot who we were and why we were there and whether he would blow the trumpets with us. Unfortunately it was not possible for him as he was working and would get into big trouble if his boss were to find out So he was not our contact man…..

Our next attempt took place in Monaco’s cathedral. We spoke with a guard who was on duty. Initially he seemed to be prepared to put himself at our disposal. He brought us to a priest to seek his official approval for the short assignment outside the cathedral. The priest also seemed to pleased about the visit of people who wanted to pray and the initiative itself, and so after a short while we found ourselves with the guard outside the door of the cathedral. Suddenly the guard reacted as though transformed, explaining that he could not remain outside. His authoriy ended here and he must return inside and that today he was the only one on duty and that actually he couldn’t be a party to it and he disappeared. We went in search of the priest who was very surprised at the behaviour of this employee. However, because he had a visitor, he no longer had any more time to involve himself in this affair.

We stood in front of the cathedral somewhat at a loss and astonished at what had just taken place. „Lord, what now?“ I didn’t have a good feeling about the suggestion to blow the trumpets with my father with the church’s blessing in this spot. So we decided to go for a meal and to wait further for clarity and God’s intervention.
Suddenly the scales fell from my eyes. A few days before we set off on this trip, God had spoken to me in a time of prayer: „You will blow the trumpets in Monaco.“ I had brushed that aside with a laugh and said: „Yes, Lord but you can tell my father yourself“. Naturally I had not thought that I would blow the trumpet instead of a local Monegasque. But His plans are higher than ours and despite my initial misunderstanding for His leading, that which He had already decided came to pass.

In next to no time we agreed to go back to the place where we had first met the street cleaner and blow the trumpets there. God had initially held back this impression, so that the message would reallly be brought to the people living in this country and that we would not quietly and secretly fulfill this mission and depart in the same way. We had said what needed to be said and with the blessing of the local church my father and I finally blew the trumpets over Monaco.


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