Blow the trumpets over Montenegro

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17 July 2011

We entered Montenegro without knowing any Christians or Christian churches. We decided, first of all to get somethimg to eat and ask God to open doors for us. So we parked our car and went into a restaurant. While we were waiting we prayed that God would show us what to do next. We had the telephone number of a pastor in Podgorica. The waiter proved to be very halpful and gave Dad his mobile phone so that we could contact him. When he answered it transpired that he was in Serbia, What should we do now? We didn’t have to wait very long, because the next thing we saw was our car as it slowly passed by us, as we sat at our table in the restaurant. Dumbfounded we watched as our Renault, loaded on a tow-away truck , disappeared around the next corner. Here the waiter proved once again to be a veritable angel. He drove us to the nearest police station and tried to negotiate with the police officers. Without success. With tears in his eyes he eventually confessed : „I can’t do anything. Without paying 85 Euros, you won’t get your car back. Believe me, this sum hurts me more than it does you. I am so very sorry!“ His heart was so precious that Dad (also now with tears in his eyes) asked him „Are you a Christian? Do you know Jesus? When the young man answered with a „Yes“ we knew that God had allowed this situation to occur in order to bring us together. We quickly explained to the 22 year-old Mladen about our mission with the trumpet blowing. Together we drove back into the town centre of Podgorica and blew the trumpets there.

about blow the trompets: Video

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