Blow the trumpets over Holland

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July 2010

Bernard and Annette are the leaders of a Prayer House in Venlo, near the German border. We met Annette in Cape Town, South Africa, at the Global Day of Prayer conference. They are a wonderful couple, pioneers and visionaries. They have taken part in a number of different prayer initiatives in Europe, among others they attended the meeting on the Pilatus mountain in Switzerland .

During a coffee break with delicious cakes, we were joined by another couple and their son. It is an absolute privilege for me to meet with our brothers and sisters from different countries, despite the language barriers and it always amazes me to feel how much we have in common, how much we really appreciate one another, and are able to enjoy one anothers’ company.

We were also in agreement to blow the trumpets in their Prayer House. It is a strategic place, an important intersection where people from national and international backgrounds meet together.

Bernard also had the impression that their friend’s son should blow one of the trumpets with me, under the motto: Youth to the fore!

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