Blow the trumpets over Norway

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18 – 19 September 2011

At the outset of this trip we had the strong impression that we should visit the three Scandinavian countries; Denmark, Sweden and Norway in one go, because they have so many similarities (similar to the German speaking countries or those in the Balkans.) God also confirmed this through a picture. In it I saw three people standing linked together arm in arm, each with a flag draped over their shoulders. They were the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian flags. Standing in front of these three was another person with the Israeli flag. I heard a voice which said: „From now on you must stand behind my people, and be a blessing for them.“
From the first moment, Norway was very special. It was one of the first countries which had not only shown interest in the trumpet blowing initiative but also offered an open door and promised practical help. We also have personal contact with intercessors there. The nearer the time came for us to go to Norway, the quieter it became. We heard nothing more from our contacts and to this day we can’t explain this silence. We asked our intercessors to pray about this and thereby received new contact addresses. In the end we found an intercessor who lived near Oslo and she made us very welcome. We drove to Brigitta’s home with a married couple who had attended the meetings in Sweden. After short introductions over a meal, we drove to the Holmenkollen. The name may mean something to you, because one of the most famous ski jump hills in the world is situated there. Close by this complex, we blew the trumpets over Norway. Norway, as the 27th. nation which we have visited during this initiative, was the first country in which I blew the trumpets with a woman! There were just three of us up there, Brigitta, my wife and I.
The many building suites in Oslo, and also on the Holmenkollen, really caught our eye. We had hardly finished blowing the trumpets (it was raining with low-lying clouds) than the excavators moved in and started working, despite the fact that it was a Sunday. It was as if God was saying that the whole of Norway was a building site. It appears as though a lot is being destroyed, ripped up and is completely chaotic, but that has to be the case before something new can take its place! Then we drove direct to a prayer meeting which had been organised as a result of our coming. We were a group of 18 women and one man (not including myself). Most of them were strangers to one another, but they were all full of expectation to hear what God would say. And they had one particular thing in common; they all had a love for Israel. That was in itself special, because we heard of something about the massacre which was not published in any newspaper. The day before the terrible murders on the small Norwegian island, these young people had organised an anti-Israel demonstration. As the murderer began shooting, some of those present thought, at first, that it was a demonstration to illustrate how the Israeli soldiers treated the Palestinians.
We had a very intensive time of prayer and intercession with our brothers and sisters, and God encouraged us all once more to seek Him and trust Him. His kingdom come. His will be done. So that His Name will be honoured. Also in Norway!
P.S. On the same day the hells Angels celebrated their yearly European meeting in Oslo!

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