Blow the trumpets over Poland

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26 – 29 May 2011

Never before have we had to face so much adversity as on this trip to Auschwitz. During the first hour of our journey there three small stones hit our windscreen as though they were shot from a gun.. Also during our time in the museum at Auschwitz itsself two of our team injured themselves. Despite all these „antagonistic „,distractions we were able to blow the trumpets in Birkenau. While we were praying with some of our Polish brithers and sisters in preparation for Communion, we suddenly saw two Messianic Jews standing nearby; they were obviously watching us very carefully. We recognised them as our friends Avner and Rahel Bosky from Israel! We asked them to come and join us and so we could all celebrate Communion together. Another of GOD’s „coicidences „ bringing believers from different nations and Israel together, at this place of horrific happenings and remembrances.

What a strong symbol of hope.

Bearing this in mind we were then able to blow the trumpets.

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