Blow the trumpets over Portugal

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14 – 16 December 12

Through an article in internet , I learnt about Hans and Ruth Vogel and their work among children and youth in Portugal. They, in turn, contacted those responsible in their church about our mission. On Saturday, they had organised a festive Christmas meal to be followed by a play. In this the children showed the difference between Father Christmas and Jesus. And they made it crystal clear that the former was much more welcome than Jesus. The backdrop was a picture of Jesus standing at the door and knocking, but no-one let Him in! A strong message, which I thought, complemented and confirmed the trumpet blowing initiative’s message.

Also present as guests this evening was a ten-person strong group from South Africa (from Global Challenge). Their leader preached on Sunday. We had previously arranged that I would speak about the trumpet blowing afterwards. His sermon was a perfect introduction to the trumpet message. At the end, I blew the trumpets with the pastor’s son. We shouted our victory shout and then spent some time praying for Portugal. A number of people came to me afterwards, deeply moved and even shocked and appalled at what they had heard.
„This message was for me. I am lost for words, but it was for me!“ Thank you.

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