Blow the trumpets over Rumania


11 – 15 October 12

As a member of the Woiwodes’ house church, I have heard the trumpet blowing vision since its inception and have prayed for it over and over again. Therefore, I couldn’t resist the opportunity at least once to experience it live. It has deeply moved me to see and feel how God is once again reaching out to and wooing every country in Europe. As a result, I believe that I understand more about the vision and this call of God.
As well as blowing the trumpets we were also invited to a gypsy church; were treated to a fine Shabbat meal; enjoyed a sightseeing-tour of Bucharest and visited the pompous Government buildings built by Ceausescu.
In short. it was an exciting, varied and blessed time. Thank you!!!

about blow the trompets: Video

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