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5 – 8 July 2012

Russia is something else!

While one can enter every single country in Europe without the necessity of a visa that is not possible in Russia. The authorities make it neither easy nor cheap, just the opposite, it is both tedious and expensive. A fascinating, enormously huge land which has consistently lost many fathers as a result of wars. A people which has been abused, suppressed, downtrodden, manipulated and enslaved. A people with a deep longing in its soul.
For me, it is no coincidence that Rembrandt’s world-famous painting „the Lost Son“ (Luk.15: 11-32) hangs in the former palace of the Tsars for everyone to marvel at.
It depicts the embracing of father and son at the homecoming of the lost son. It is somewhat prophetic, because I believe that many Russian „sons and daughters“ will find their way home to their Father in Heaven. We visited two church services. The first in the afternoon, organised by a Messianic church together with a few pastors and guests from other denominations. There we explained about the Initiative and God’s underlying message. We wanted to blow the trumpets in the evening at another place, as we thought that more believers would come to this city-wide worship service. But that was not the case. Nevertheless we were certain that this was the right time and place to blow the trumpets: a large building with a number of smaller rooms which previously served as a cinema. The Messianic church was using one of these rooms as their own premises were too small. For us it was a picture of what God wanted to do: „Enlarge your borders. Be prepared to leave your places of comfort behind you. But there are several stations on the way to reaching the goal (the big cinema auditorium).“


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