Blow the trumpets over Sweden

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14 – 18 September 2011

We left Kolding, in Denmark, by train and reached Frederikshavn, where we caught the ferry over to Gothenburg in Sweden. We were greeted there by Eva and Per Erik. I first met them last year at a European Prayer Meeting in Budapest, where I was able to blow the trumpets, and Eva chivied us to come to Sweden. Her reason to invite us was because she had had a vision two years previously which had to do with trumpets. A little while later she drove with a colleague from work to Krakau where she both saw and heard trumpets being blown from a church tower. As a result she was, so to say, well prepared for our visit.
We were invited to two meetings where representatives from the Lutheran Church and a number of intercessors from all over the country assembled together. What took place there was really quite remarkable. The intercessors had already met the day before the official Church services, to prepare themselves and to bring the whole action before God. It was a very, very strong time of worship, prayer, intercession, prophecy and prophetic acts. We experienced an exceptional time under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The first church service was in Husaby. Christianity began there in Sweden through the baptism of their first Christian King Olaf. Part of the meeting took place in the church, which was full to capacity, with worship and intercession. Then we went to the baptismal place outside. There the lady vicar officially asked for forgiveness for all the false religiosity and control exercised by the church, i.e. baptism of children. The organisers purposed to set free previous sources of blessings, so that they would once more bubble up and flow. Finally Holy Communion was celebrated, at an altar, which was built out of stones from every region in Sweden (1000 years of Christianity). Back then representatives of 300 churches came together. It was overwhelming to see so many vicars together in their robes, waving banners and praising God. That afternoon we moved on to the cathedral in Skara. We were naturally further exhilarated that the authorities allowed us to blow the trumpets there after we had the opportunity to explain to all what lay behind this action. We are convinced that some of the hinderances which have caused previous sources of blessings to be blocked up have been removed.

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