Blow the trumpets over Serbia

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12 July 2011

We arrived safely in Belgrade after a 14-hour drive. When we entered the house of our Australian host (who is married to a Serbian lady), there were already some 15 – 20 people gathered together for a prayer meeting. This meeting served as a preparation for the trumpet blowing planned for the following day. A list containing a number of different requests was prayed over in small groups (repentance was an important part of these prayers). Next morning we met with Christians from different churches and regions in a fortress. We then blew the trumpets from a position with a wonderful view over two rivers (the Danube and the Drava) and part of the city itself. Afterwards we proclaimed God’s word and prayed for the the body of Christ in Serbia. It was very encouraging to see how this meeting spawned connections and friendships among people who had not previously known one another.

about blow the trompets: Video

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