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25 – 28 September 2012

Slovakia is the 42nd. out of a total of 50 European countries which we have visited during the trumpet blowing initiative.
What would God do in the time we were there? We had a couple of contacts, but God is always ready to surpise us.
After many hours driving through Germany and Austria, which I surprisingly didn’t find unpleasant and without any notable hickups we arrived at our hotel in Bratislava. As if God wanted to confirm our mandate, shortly after we crossed the border into Slovakia, we were overtaken by an ambulance, travelling at high speed with siren loudly blowing.
This we have experienced in every country we have visited so far as if to emphasise the urgency on God’s heart, to also call this country and its people to His heart and to shake up the Body of Christ and to ignite His fire there.

On Wednesday morning after breakfast we met our contact, Maria. We had some time available in our schedule to see something of the town of Bratislava so we decided on a sightseeing trip on a tourist train. We enjoyed a pleasant time in various places of interest in this really pretty town. At the castle, where we had a great view of the Danube and the whole town, we also had the strong impression that we should blow the trumpets and pray there. The strong wind that was blowing made it really difficult to stand still in one place or even to to take a few steps. The wind of the Spirit wants to blow over and take control of this nation. Only when we are prepared to lay aside fear and control, can He lead us along godly ways into the fulness of His calling for individuals and the whole nation.

In the afternooon we explored part of the town on foot. To our surprise Maria had organised a meeting with Henrietta Hruba. She is one of the most influential journalists in the town and country, as well as being the mayor’s right hand (she writes his speeches). Werner had the opportunity to explain the vision which lies behind the trumpet initiative in her office. She listened with tears in her eyes.
It was obvious that this was like a long-awaited message falling on fruitful ground and she didn’t want to miss one word of it.
Henrietta is going to write an article, which will later appear in the Slovakian Aglow magazine.
Before we left we prayed for her and her daughter.

On Thursday Werner had an appointment at 11 o’clock with Gabriela. She is employed by the state radio station and is responsible for the department dealing with Religion.
In an interview Werner was able to discuss the „raison d’être“ of the trumpet initiative, which will be aired at a later date.. This meetimg was also a blessing for both sides.

The actual trumpet blowing took place that evening as part of a prayer meeting.
The leader gave Werner five minutes to explain why we are travelling throughout the nations of Europe and blowing two silver trumpets. With an ever fresh and passionate plea which never fails to touch me and under the perceptible leading of the Holy Spirit Werner explained in a short but pregnant way the most important parts of the mission. The trumpets sounded three times followed by a victory shout.
Actually this call of God requires an answer from us; a time for reflection, even back-pedalling from our own spiritual programmes and an adjustment or reorientation towards Him. But here we simply continued on with the planned programme to the next item on the agenda, as there were so many requests waiting to be prayed for. I felt a deep sadnees and sorrow rising up in me. God was sharing something of His pain with me: that His children are not hearing Him; that His knocking on the door of our hearts is being ignored in our meetings and churches; that Jesus is being left outside as we continue on with our „religious“ agenda.
Dear reader, I want to assure you that it is not my purpose here to judge or condemn. I am well aware that only the Spirit of God can bring about this awakeniing in our personal lives, in the body of Christ and in the nations.
But there is an urgency which we simply can no longer ignore!!
The outcome of this call of God is not our responsibility. We, as Abraham ministries, have a mission, which will also lead us into the remaining eight European countries. May the Lord give us His grace and open ears and hearts, which can hear and understand His call.

Karin Wipf

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