Blow the trumpets over Slovenia

slowenien-flagge-rechteckig-70x105     loc_slowenien

20 July 2011

It was raining cats and dogs as we arrived in Ljubijana. After coffee and cakes and an intial time of getting to know one another, we set off for the castle. As with practically every other place we had visited, we also had here a wonderful view over the whole city. The castle is situated directly above the theological seminar school. The heraldic animal for the city of Lubijana is a dragon. which can be seen everywhere you go in the city, Surrounded by other tourists Dad began to tell them about the trumpet initiative. Afterwards we stood on the battlements of the castle, protected by our umbrellas, and blew the trumpets over the city and the nation of Slovenia. It is always amazing how the Holy Spirit shows us through different ways how and what we should pray. Or how He confirms things which we have just prayed.. Also in Ljubijana we heard, as in so many countries that we have already visited,, the sirens of police cars and ambulances, whilst we were praying. Once again God confirmed, what we already knew: the body of Christ is currently in an emergency situation.

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