Blow the trumpets over Spain

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April 2010

Since a few years there is a prayer community existing of different prayer leaders in different European nations. We come together twice a year in the country, that has the EU-Charimanship for six month.
Therefore 25 leaders from 12 nations met together for five days in Madrid to pray for Europe, the governments, the relationship to Israel and the body of Christ. A very special thing was, that the beginning of our meeting coincided with the Holocaust-Commemoration day, which wasn’t planned. One day later began a „sign at the sky“, the Icelandic ash cloud to cause a stir. Finally the cloud forced us to borrow the bus of the congergation to drive back home. We have to prepare oneself more and more for situations we never had before. The reaction of the world will be helpless, frustraded, angry and chaotic as we saw it this time. There will be much more fatal settings in the future. A chance for us christians to make a different, to answer them whats the reason of our peaceful reaction. We asked ourselves if there’s a relation of the Icelandic ash cloud and the ash that was caused by the cremation of millions of jews during the Holocaust. Was it Gods will to show us that the coming up anti-Semitism in Europe overhung upon us just like this cloud?
Some facts about spain: Abortions are in the first three months of the pregnancy for free. Homosexuals can marry and adopt children, permitted by law. On the other side, there is an expanding prayer movement. In the last four years just in Madrid arose over 200 new congergations. We encouraged our brothers and sisters trough our visitation, we prayed together and of course ‘blew the trompets!’


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