Blow the trumpets over Czech Republic

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1 – 3 December 2011

The prayer conference for Europe and Israel was attended by about 300 Christians from 20 countries and took place in Prague from 1st. – 3rd. December. The vision for this conference was spawned at the „all Nations Convention“ in Jerusalem when Tom Hess, together with some European leaders, prayed for Europe. Tom was also the main speaker at this event. Kate Hess and a young Slovakian leader also spoke about the Joshua Generation; those people, who like David can say „He is a man after God’s heart“. We enjoyed a wonderful time of praise and worship, prophetic words and prayer. Furthermore we heard and saw powerful testimonies of how and where God is at work
( e.g. amongst the gypsies). For us personally, it was a great joy to meet up with brothers and sisters whom we had previously met in their own countries during our mission with the trumpet blowing. There were also seven of us from Switzerland including Regula, Hanna, Jonas and Werner from Abraham Ministries Team.
It was a special privilege to blow the trumpets over the Czech Republic during the conference, after we had proclaimed God’s message which lies behind the whole action. In addition, the others from Switzerland stood behind the trumpet blowers and blessed those present. An important part of the conference concerned the relationship between the church in Europe and Israel – whose painful history continues to the present day. A central concern was also the time of repentance What was particularly encouraging is that we could make contact with some brothers and sisters from countries which we have not yet visited. The Czech Republic was the 30th. country we have visited on the „ trumpet initiative“ throughout Europe and with God’s , (and perhaps your? ) help, it will continue!

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