Blow the trumpets over Ukraine

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4 – 7 May 12

Our trip to the Ukraine from 4-7th. May was a very special experience. Not counting the travelling time to and from Ukraine, we only had two full days there. But what a two days! Immediately on arrival we were handed a mobile phone with two preselected numbers: Mascha our „angel“ here and in the office. This proved to be extremely helpful: Kyrillic alphabet and Russian language – about which we have no idea ……
Our Christian contacts in Kiev are the leaders of a Messianic church, which, with about 1,800 members, is also the largest in the country. It has a mixed congregation, of whom some 40% are Jewish. On Saturday we attended the church service. Concurrently we could take part in and enjoy a Jewish wedding. What immediately took our attention was that during the time of worship many of the congregation were dancing. The service usually lasts some 3-4 hours, and that without a wedding.! On the way to our evening meal, we received an invitation from the bridal pair to join them in their wedding celebrations. So we were not only able to enjoy a wonderful meal but also to dance with the bride and groom and all their friends. Incidentally the wedding feast took place in the restaurant of a department store.
The prayer conference began the next day. Since the year 2000, the Messianic chursch has been responsible for organising this fasting and prayer week., to which brothers and sisters from other churches throughout the whole of the Ukraine and from other countries (this year about 20 of us) have been coming. Again it was very conspicuous for us that hundreds of those attending, men and women, young and old, danced throughout the whole of the hour-long worship times – simply wonderful! At any one time, several people stood in front of the congregation to lead the dancing. The other thing that was striking: it was very loud! It reminded me of Africa or India. One brother from Siberia taught on healing. The spiritual leaders were not afraid later to correct one of his statements before the whole congregation. This amazed us and, at the same time, we were happy that they could (in love) be so open, courageous and honest.
In the evening service we had the privilege to give the message of the trumpet blowing . The victory shout after the blowing of the trumpets was definitely the loudest and longest that we have experienced in all the 32 European countries which we have visited so far! Everyone took part wholeheartedly. Together we also proclaimed Psalm 24: 7-10 from North to South and from East to West. Afterwards we passionately prayed for the Ukraine (incl. the church and the government).
Later, at the end of the evening, everyone was given an opportunity to ask questions. They were answered by the Rabbi of the church, a Bible teacher and the co-pastor. It was once more a great privilege for us to get to know and love such precious brothers and sisters. Despite the shortness of the time together, God gave us, through His Spirit, an immediate and deep understanding for one another. We are very thankful and amazed at GOd’s workings!


about blow the trompets: Video

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