Blow the trumpets over Wales

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23 – 25 June 2012

„Trumpet blowing” in England, Wales, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland

Before we even started to plan this trip in detail it was obvious to us that we should visit all these countries in one fell swoop. That meant travelling from one country to another without any interruption. This we had previously done in three Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden and Norway and also in the former Yugoslavia and now separate Balkan states, where we visited eight nations inside nine days. We believe that GOD wants to bring healing and restoration to these countries whose history is so interwoven with fighting and tales of woe and to make them a blessing for Europe and the world as never before.

After a two and a half-hour train journey we reached Haverfordwest, where we were met by Stuart and Charmian Wentworth. Here everything had been prepared and had the mark of God’s hand on it as well! Originally we had planned an informal meeting at Stuart’s, to explain the vision of the trumpet blowing for those interested. Instead we went to a meeting, in which an Indian Christian, who has been coming to Wales for a number of years, had a prophetic word for the country. „There will be great changes taking place. A change is imminent“. Ultimately his message matched perfectly with our trumpet blowing. They complemented and confirmed one another. At the end of the meeting Stuart was able to allude to and invite people to the trumpet blowing. The day we blew the trumpets Stuart arrived deeply moved and told us that his personal Bible reading help for the day contained explanations about some verses from Num. 10. This chapter contains the verse which is the basis for the trumpet blowing initiative! Some 50 brothers and sisters from different churches came to the trumpet blowing in Milford Haven. We gave them a short explanation as to why we had come. After we had received Communion, we stood in silence for a while in the presence of the Lord. The wind increased in strength, as though the presence of the Holy Spirit was increasing. God spoke directly to the country: „ Come back to ME. you are MINE!“ Someone read Ps. 24: 7-10 out loud in Welsh.

about blow the trompets: Video

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