Blow the trumpets over Cyprus

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14 – 17 November 2011

Judging by the difficulties faced during our flight, the timing of this trip to Cyprus must have been of great importance. The flight route was from Zürich to Larnica via Vienna. The flight was delayed for two hours because of thick fog in Vienna. As I only had one hour stopover in Vienna it was clear that I would miss my connection. When I eventually arrived in Vienna, there was total chaos. All of the flights were either delayed or cancelled as a result of the fog! After several hours delay we took off for Larnica.
During the flight the captain announced that due to heavy rain and stormy conditions it was not possible to land in Larnica. Also the aircraft did not have enough fuel to circle over Larnica in the hope of a break in the weather. So we had to land at the nearby airport of Pafos, which lies at the other end of the island. After landing we all had to sit and wait in the aircraft for further instructions, as no-one seemed to know what we should do next. Then we were told we could disembark and catch a bus which would take us to Larnica. After we had collected our luggage and packed that in the long- awaited bus, we set off on the 1 ½ hour journey to Larnica. It was already dark and still raining cats and dogs. Unfortunately I didn’t have the phone number of Jörn, the leader of the prayer house, who had arranged to pick me up. This was the first time that I had forgotten to make a note of my contact’s address and phone number – to make matters worse, Jörn also didn’t have mine either. So I waited a further two hours in Larnica airport until we at last met up and greeted one another. The whole time he had waited outside at the bus station. We arrived earlier than expected and I went and waited in the airport itself. I called him a number of times over the airport public address system but he did not hear them. Not until after he called me, in the same way, which I naturally heard, were we able to meet up at the information desk.
Cyprus is a country which shortly after its independance was divided into two. We held our first prayer meeting in the Turkish occupied northern part of the island. In order to go from the southern part of the island to the northern controlled by them, we had to cross a „border“ with passport control and accompanying stamp. The whole procedure strongly reminded me of the time when Germany was divided into East and West where at the border crossings one experienced similar procedures of chicanery and harassment.
There were seven of us who drove to the tomb of the Apostle Barnabus where we prayed and blew the shofar. Our party consisted of four native Cypriots, two Germans and one English lady. I don’t think it was a coincidence that two Germans were in attendance (as on the following day by the trumpet blowing) because we have not only experienced first-hand such a partitioning of our land, (like here in Cyprus) , but also its turning point, transformation and reunification. That evening I had the opportunity during a leadership meeting to share about the vision of the trumpet blowing and to elucidate and make clearer GOD’s message which lies behind it. It is always a great privilege to see how the leaders accept and embrace this message! GOD has people in every nation whom He has prepared in advance.
Next morning began with a meeting in the prayer house. We prayed there among other things finally for our mission on Mount Olympus. There were four of us who set off to reach the highest point on the island (approx. 1500 metres). Jörn, Bill, an American, Panayotis, a 20 year-old Cypriot and myself. It is a wonderful, sometimes breathtaking experience to drive up Mount Olympus. Thank goodness one can drive all the way up to the top. It was appreciably a few degrees colder, we saw snow on the roadside and the fog grew steadily thicker. Eventually it was really thick. On arrival and during the time of prayer, we could no longer see anything of the countryside around but at least it wasn’t raining. We proclaimed, as in every nation, the words from Psalm 24: 7–10! Then I blew together with my young brother, Panayotis, the trumpets over Cyprus! Sometimes GOD wants us to prepare us for something that will occur in the supernatural, through that which we can see in the natural. Therefore, I don’t believe it was a coincidence that as soon as we had finished blowing the trumpets it started to rain heavily – that is to say that it had not done so for years! The countryside and the earth urgently needed this rain. It was dried-out, riven, hard yet crumbly. Its condition was comparable with the Church, or rather, our hearts. The earth was moistened and softened, dirt and filth was swept away. That is exactly what GOD wants and will do through His Holy Spirit.
Be prepared, dear brothers and sisters, in Cyprus, and don’t be frightened, when this starts to happen!
On our last morning we heard the sounds of a police car or an ambulance (signifying an emergency)! GOD is reminding continually us of the emegency situation of His Church in Europe.

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