Birth  of  the  „Jona Mission“  vision

12 years ago there was a D -A – CH  (Germany – Austria – Switzerland) meeting in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Already at that time the Lord indicated that there would be a further meeting some time, but in our region, in order to complete his purposes.

During the night of September 18-19, 2018, on Yom Kippur, I remained awake without  anything specific on my mind. I had read that during this night Jews read the book of Jonah in the synagogues. So I also read it. Then I was quiet and heard a question inside myself, „What comes to you spontaneously after reading this book?“ Immediately these words came: ship and repentance and following that, further thoughts: ship, repentance, Lake of Constance, meeting of 3 German-speaking countries, link to meeting in Auschwitz 2007. Jonah repented personally on the ship (respectively inside the fish) and the same thing took place among the ship’s international crew. In the end there was a national repentance and revival in Nineveh.  

number of participants ca. 300 as with Gideon (Judges 7:6). This story came to my mind as an answer to my question how and whom we should invite. Thus it is not to be open for everyone.

12 years have passed since the first meeting in Auschwitz. It is now time to complete God’s purposes, respectively to take an additional step! We sense a strong urgency!

The timing is significant

On September 1, 1939 at 4.45 A.M. the scheduled ship „Schleswig-Holstein“ opened fire on Polish fortifications on the Wester Plateau outside the city of Danzig – the beginning of World War II, whose monstrosity put all other wars in its shadow.

An indescribable „wave of curse“, consisting of suffering, misery, death and horror began in and proceeded from our German-speaking region. It spread to Europe, the world and explicitly in the direction of the Jewish people. To the day, 80 years later, we are on the Lake of Constance. We pray and believe that Jesus wants to set in motion a stream of blessing to our German-speaking region, to Europe, the world and to the Jewish people and Israel – under the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Spiritual orientation of the prayer meeting

– repentance: personally, as a nation, German-speaking nations among themselves and toward the Jews/Israel as a nation and collectively as the German-speaking region.

– prayer and proclamation: We are convinced that God has given our region good gifts and talents in order to be a blessing for other nations and especially for the Jews/Israel. Satan caused the exact opposite and made our region a curse for the whole world (among other things through two world wars) and especially for the Jews!

– We want to form a kind of alliance in order to become an even greater blessing for each other and together as a region for the Jews/Israel, Europe and the world.

We put the vision into practice through the following elements

  • celebrating the Lord’s supper together
  • lifting up Jesus in praise and worship
  • reading confessions of repentance by representatives of the D – A – CH  countries
  • symbolically sinking guilt in the Lake of Constance, in the form of a large inscribed stone from the individual nations
  • reading a message from Jesus Christ to his worldwide church! This word goes out as a stream of blessing from the    German-speaking region to the Jews, to Europe and to the whole world!
  • weaving a 4-fold rope representing D – A – CH and Jesus
  • God gave us a Messianic Jew from Israel to be with us. He spoke the Aaronic blessing to the group
  • With about 270 participants, a strong representation of the participating nations traveled to the repentance confession.


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