From the Nations

Dear friends,

As many of you no doubt know, for many years we have had friends in various nations. Among these are India and Pakistan. We often traveled especially to India in order to deepen our friendships and partnerships. We also invited Father Anton, leader of “Royal Kids” ministries, to visit us in Switzerland. Last year we planned a visit to India and Pakistan but cancelled it because of the tensions between these countries. In June of this year we are planning to visit Pakistan. But because of the present worldwide situation we don’t yet know whether this will be possible. But independently of that we continue to support our friends in prayer and financially. It is always possible for you to take part in this. For us it is great joy and a blessing for ourselves to be linked with such brethren. Here are brief reports from two of them. W.W.

Dear Werner and family,

Happy Easter! Jesus is risen!
We will overcome corona!

Many thanks for your prayers and your concern for our ministry. Many people phone us and pray for us. Many thanks! I will give you a brief description of the present situation.

28 days lockdown! Unbelievable! Unprepared!
The corona virus is spreading all over the world. India is no exception. My city (Chennai) has the second-highest corona rate of any city in India.

Seven persons from my church are affected and the houses sealed. The whole block is closed. The parents of one of my pupils are very critical. Our children are isolated. No one can reach them. Thousands and thousands are isolated or placed under quarantine. We receive phone calls from very poor areas, especially from slums.

We cannot leave our houses but I received permission from the government to distribute food. Praise God! So far we have blessed 2000 families. The government tries to help, but India is a large country. Corona spreads primarily in slums. Fear! Fear of death everywhere!

We are now praying 91 days (according to Psalm 91).

Our team is praying day and night. Please continue to pray. Thank you! Father Anton from India

Dear brothers and sisters in Switzerland

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for you email, and we are greatly blessed by you,, yes we have just finished the distribution for 80 families in two different places, 40 families in each village, Below are the pictures from Miriam village approximately 35km out of Lahore..

and 40 Families were blessed from the same colony we are living in including some church families too which were so needy..

I have got many many requests from different villages and we are going to bless them with food packages in coming updays..

i have attached some pictures we took from Miriam village, but at some places people do not likes us to take their photoes taking help and food from us so we respected their privacy and honor.. 


brother Sohail Peter

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