Corona – blessing or curse for the church?

from Werner and Regula Woiwode

It is increasingly difficult to direct people‘s interest to something so that they are actually willing to take in and think about what they have heard or seen. I hope and pray that you, dear reader, will give your full attention to this „announcement“ of our Captain Jesus Christ. That you are all eyes and ears for what you read and hear, because we are all on a journey and it is absolutely necessary to know where we are going. Will we arrive at the right place and how do we get there? God‘s word is our safest compass and we want to point this out over and over again.


Dear Werner,

Happy New Year to you and Regula, and every blessing possible as we move forward in Christ into the challenging days of 2021. Thank you SO much for your excellent book. I have read every word and agree with you 100%. In October 2019, a month after my beloved Doug went home to be with the Lord, I started attending a church in Wicklow town called Banner of Love Church, which is pastored by an American couple in their mid 40s and who are outstanding teachers of the Word of God. I went there because I knew that in my grief, sitting under the ministry of the Word of God would make me strong again, which of course it has. They too agree100% in all that you have written and have already been teaching in that way since I started going there, namely that we are under the judgement of God and the urgent need for true repentance..

Loads of love and every blessing possible to you, Regula, your precious family and fellow believers

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