Balkan Call 2022

in Istanbul

What happened at the Balkan Call 2022?

•385 people attended the Balkan Call, two times more than ever before
•Representatives from all 11 Balkan nations and Turkey plus 19 other nations!
•6 Worship teams from 6 different Balkan nations
•70 hours of continuous worship and prayer in the Prayer Room.
•Multiple expressions of national repentance and reconciliation,
•Warmly received, hosted, and loved by the Church in Turkey.
•First ever Balkan Call buses came from N. Macedonia and Bulgaria.
•Incredible love and unity.
•Testimonies of people receiving emotional healing and prophetic words for their nations.
•This was the 6th Balkan Call. We have 6 more nations to go now. This was the most powerful and explosive Balkan Call on every level.
•First time for 100% of the attendees to stay in a hotel. Budget was almost $40,000.00 and the Lord covered it all!

From the place of ongoing worship and prayer, the Lord released many prophetic words and actions:

One word came from our Latin American brother:
•You become similar to everything you adore
•God is demanding a new level of worship in the Balkans, so that they will be transformed to Him.
•It is time for good news and for people to proclaim it, God is still reigning over the Balkans.

Isaiah 52:7 
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!” The Lord is cleansing the feet of the Church in the Balkans to announce the good news.

We began the Balkan Call with communion.  In a beautiful way this was served to us by leaders in the Turkish Church.  As well people came forward to the Lord’s table with someone from a different nation.  The pleasure of the Lord was upon us.

Greece and Turkey:
In the last session we had our Greek brother share from the word and from his heart an abundance of love, forgiveness and blessing over Turkey.  This was reciprocated by brothers from Turkey.  They stood together and proclaimed: “We are one family.  We love one another. We will serve the Lord together in the Balkans.” 

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