Convocation of Repentance

18 septembre 2022

Federal Day of Thanksgiving, Repentance and Prayer


Revival and shaking coming in the next few years?

18 septembre 2022 | LIVESTREAM

Feedback From a Few People EUiP (Europe United in Prayer)

-Filip Blazhevski

First off, the care that I received – I was picked up from airport and driven to Andermatt Altkirche, and said to myself what a blessing to be in the family of our Lord Jesus Christ, I don’t have to worry about anything.

-Margaret & Phil

It was such an honour to stay in that anointed guest house, right in the heart of Switzerland – a perfect location – and to be there for the Repentance Day, which deeply touched our hearts.  It was such a blessing to meet Werner and Regula again.

Thank you also for organising the prayer day in Bern. We so appreciate all your hard work. A highlight for us was the lady bringing us all cups of coffee as we were meeting outside her building, and then being able to pray with her inside.

-Friedrich & Monika

We totally could agree with the main focus on consecration. This was important to be prepared for the national day of repentance.
This included reconciliation between us from Germany and others from Switzerland in our small prayer group and also in the whole gathering an Saturday. We are thankful for what was possible. I, Friedrich, left on Sunday evening full of joy and had a wonderful drive back through the mountains.

-Heidi Gschwend (with us for the first time)

Sunday was special to me, my first big gathering on home soil, with repentance for my beautiful homeland, with people I have heard from afar until then. I believe our consecration during the first few days made it even better and more important and also our morning prayer trip to Oberalp Pass deepened what we prayed in the afternoon. I could see that [for Werner] after carrying this vision and words for 28 years it was like a birthing of those words, such a heavy load relieved with all the people present and many more on zoom and other gatherings throughout the nation and abroad. Having it in 3 of our 4 languages made it more special and gave me such a gratitude and sense of responsibility for my homeland in the midst of Europe and reinstalled my call for Europe and my Switzerland even if I don’t live here.

Our prophetic symbolic act with repentance for Switzerland keeping stolen money from the Jews was a big part of me being with you in Andermatt. We were 5 (number of grace) women from Switzerland standing around the [Israeli and Swiss] flags and then turning ourselves towards you all in Europe asking for forgiveness, opening the treasure chest/safe. I could sense the blockage being removed and money released like a fountain, being returned to where it belongs and into the Kingdom of God.

I then received the follow-up action I needed to do with the four 100 SFr bills, laying them in the form of a cross, all 4 rivers, 4 winds of the Holy Spirit. This was a difficult one for which I needed prayers beforehand. The big blessing coming from it when Regula Woiwode told me that 11 years ago they had broken the spirit of mammon right there on that table in Andermatt. This made me realize how important it is to obey what the Lord shows, no matter how crazy it might sound and how challenging the act is, the joy from obeying the vision is bigger! Thank you for allowing me to do this and so walk out of what God has shown me. 

-Claudia & Olaf Menzel (first time)

The connection with our Swiss brothers and sisters and the National Day of Prayer was super and very powerful. It felt like perfect timing for these two groups to join together at the right place and right time.

You and the leadership team created an atmosphere of God’s presence, where He liked to dwell and we could enjoy it. I loved worshiping and praying with so many brothers and sisters from all over Europe. I am thankful for this opportunity to meet many wonderful people with a beautiful heart.

I loved Alfred’s cooking and his heart he invested and that he opened his house for us.

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Four prophetic impressions from four Swiss leaders show different aspects of revival, repentance and shaking for the years 2022-2024. New Testament prophecy is patchwork; However, if several prophecies come together that point in the same direction, the signs of God’s clear speaking intensify.

Revival has been prophesied many times, have we forgotten the element of repentance causing delays? Listen to upcoming interviews.

The series begins with a prophetic word from the Adler Ministry and continues with impressions and words from Hans Peter Nüesch, former director of Campus für Christus, Werner Woiwode, director of the Abraham Ministries and FEG Pastor Adrian Nes. Two wolves, two eagles, felled trees and more talk about the years to come in this video.

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