Working Group Israel-Werke Schweiz IWS


Syndicate of Christian groups and supporters of Israel

Proclamation on the occasion of the first IWS Congress celebrating the return of Israel as the focal point of world attention

We are committed to Israel /(or We support Israel)

• We are committed to Israel, the country that was called by GOD, to be a blessing for the
whole world. And we confess the we have already received this blessing; through GOD’s SON and the Saviour of the world and through the eternal, immortal words of the Bible (Gen. 12:3).

• We are committed to Israel / (the Jewish people), who survived the flames of the Holocaust.
Full of shame we confess the injustice that the Jews suffered at the hands of Christians (Jer. 31:36).

• We are committed to Israel, which for over 60 years has existed as an independent state among the nations of the world, that with GOD’s help has been able to survive, despite being surrounded by the hostile nations. (Is. 41: 8-15)

• We are committed to Israel, a land which before our own eyes, has been converted from a barren, desert countryside into a fertile, highly productive one, exactly as the prophets of old had prophesied. We recognise and confess that GOD has blessed this land in a special and unique way. (Gen. 12:2).

• We are committed to Israel, that the country is entitled to exist and to exist within the boundaries that GOD originally intended and gave it. We are convinced and, therefore, state that there can be no lasting peace through the ceding of this (from GOD) promised land to the enemies of Israel. (Gen. 17:8 / Ezek. 47:13–20).

• We are committed to Israel as the homeland for all Jews worldwide and thereby confirm and legitimise the return of the Jewish people from their dispersion throughout the world. (Ezek. 36:12 / Ezek. 39:28).

• We are committed to Israel that is prepared to accept non-Jewish people and recognise them as fellow citizens into a Jewish country which confesses GOD to be the middle-point. HE will confirm their entitlement to the land. (Jer. 12:14-17 / Ezek. 47:22-33).

• We are committed to Israel and are (full of) hope that the Jewish people will come to know Jesus as their Messiah and experience a renewing of their hearts through the Spirit of GOD.
Then they will be truly the people of GOD. (Ezek.36:25-38 / Is. 9:5).

• We are committed to Israel because we know that GOD will dwell in their midst and will spread out HIS direction and peace to the whole world through them. (Zac.2:14 / Is.2:3 / Mic.5:3-4).

• We are committed to Israel because we know that a time is coming when all people will be drawn to Jerusalem to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We yearn for this appointed time when Israel will enter into her GOD-given calling.

7th. September 2008


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