„Blow the trumpets over europe and on all continents!“

IMG_2076-2-60Blowing the trumpets is a prophetic wake-up call in all nations of Europe and in the continents, to stir the church to set out and attack the oppressor.

„Make two trumpets of hammered silver, and use them for calling the community together and for having the camps set out.“ (4.Mo 10,2)
„When you go into battle in your own land against an enemy who is oppressing you, sound a blast on the trumpets. Then you will be remebered by the LORD your GOD and rescued from your enemies.“ (4.Mo 10,9)

The first aspect of this wake-up call is an invitation to his church to return to him, to love HIM from our whole hearts. He wants to be God in your life and in mine, in his church. Therefore we must be ready to open our hearts to him once again and to say, „Lord, here I am. Jesus, you may – yes you should live in me. You are the Lord and the center of my life. It is no longer I who live but you (Christ) live in me“ (Gal.  2:20).
Sometimes this seems to me almost a desperate cry of God! That may sound strange. But God is urgently asking you and me, he asks his church, „Please let me in. I want to enter what is mine.“ But he comes only when we really let him in; this is a totally voluntary decision. Thus the first aspect of this wake-up call is an invitation: „Please return to me. Let me be God in you and through you.“ It means setting out toward the inside, to him, to the center! And from there to the outside.

The second aspect is a call to return to God’s whole (not just some favorite verses) word. We must be founded in God’s word and consume it like food. It is also a call to return to God’s word. This word is a fire, it is like a hammer which shatters rocks. This word is ultimately Jesus himself. Thus it is vitally necessary that we take in this word, read it, think about it, pray and allow it to become a real part of our lives through the Holy Spirit.

And the third aspect of this call is a „calling back“ to the knowledge of our roots. This has to do with the Jews, with his chosen people. In John 4:22 we read, „Salvation comes from the Jews.“ And we must not only receive an understanding that we are grafted onto this olive tree, but we must also receive God’s heart, God’s love for his people. We cannot live when we are separated from our roots, just as a tree or a plant cannot live when separated from its roots. If they are not joined, they die. In this sense many are now dead even though they think they are alive.

„Blow the trumpets on all continents!“

„Blow the trumpets over europe!“


DDVD-Label Werner WoiwodeVD –  The wake-up call

God’s urgent message to his church in this time must continue to run, it must be preached and heard. Therefore with the help of friends we have produced a DVD in German, English and French. It is a deep prayer concern of ours that this resource be used in order to make known God’s heart concern in all nations. Please help us by looking at the DVD  or by ordering and disseminating it.




with Werner and Regula Woiwode in the Prophetic Bulletin, Schleife Publishers: [ Download… ]

We emphasize repeatedly that the prayer initiative called „Blow the trumpets in Europe“ is not a matter of Abraham Ministries which we undertake apart from the body of Jesus. For this initiative  the following groups (among others) have prayed for us and blessed us: Prayer for Switzerland, leaders of the Israel Ministries Switzerland, and the leaders of European Prayer.

Statement of Markus Schildknecht, former leader of Prayer for Switzerland:

“God’s kingdom is awakening. A worldwide awakening – and the increase of persons who live with and for Jesus Christ – is well documented. In Switzerland as well, we expect (and experience) awakening and the occupation of promised land, the fulfillment of things long since prophesied. In this situation we see the commission of Werner Woiwode and his team as the spearhead in the invisible world to carry out the wake-up call – as the sound a trumpet. This call to wake up and set out, this battle signal moves something in the unseen world and will thus have consequences in the visible world as well!“

Statement of Hanspeter Nüesch, Campus for Christ:

“Dear Werner
From my heart I share your thoughts regarding Switzerland and the watchman’s ministry of our land. Thank you that you once again let yourself be called to such important preparatory steps for a great spiritual harvest.”
One aspect of this blessing is that we neither expect nor accept financial aid from the otherEuropean nations or the continents. God told us that we should not lay any burden on them. Therefore, in order to generate funds for the travels we warmly invite you to a collection.

Gratefully joined with you, Werner and Regula Woiwode

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