„Blow the trumpets on all continents!“

The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17We have often been asked on our travels by different brothers and sisters:
„What about the other countries?
Shouldn’t they also hear this message and the trumpets?“
We passed on these questions to God and believe we have received the following answer from Him.:
The trumpets should be blown on every continent, as before, with brothers and sisters from their respective countries. They should be blown in the north, south, east and west parts of each continent.
As we realised the implications of this new task, we were intrigued to see how the initiative is quasi seamlessly continuing.
In Turkey we finished the first task for Europe!
In Turkey we have started this new initiative to the continents!
The largest part of this country is part of Asia. It is the most western part of the Asian continent. And therefore, we blew the trumpets out from the west over the continent of Asia .
„Blow the trumpets in and from Switzerland over Europe and the whole world!“

in the field

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deutschland-flagge-rechteckig-70x105     North     Northgate     Nov 2012

irland-flagge-rechteckig-70x105     West     Ireland     May 2013

gibraltar     South     Gibraltar     Febr 2013

tuerkei-flagge-rechteckig-70x102     East     Turkey     Jan 2013



marokkog     North     Marocco     April 2014

ghanak2     West     Ghana     Sept 2013

suedafrikag     South     Southafrica     Aug 2015

tansaniag     East     Tanzania     Juni 2014



russlandg     North     Russia     Sept 2015

tuerkei-flagge-rechteckig-70x102     West     Turkey     Jan 2013

indonesieng     South     Indonesia     July 2014

japang     East     Japan     Aug 2015



kanadag     North     Canada     Aug 2014

usa02     West     Sacramento USA     Aug 2014

chile2     South     Chile     July 2015

brasilien3     East     Brasilia     July 2015



papuangg     North     Papua Newguinea     July 2014

australieng     West     Perth Australia     July 2014

neuseelandg     South     New Zealand     July 2014

tongag     East     Tonga     Aug 2014



Nordpol     North     Greenland     Aug 2016

Suedpol     South     Antarctic     Dec 2016


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