Blast die Trompeten über Malta

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25. – 29. August 11

High summer in Malta – what a blessing that the Lord sent a cooling breeze when we blew the trumpets in Malta. After we had fasted during the day, prayed and spent time in the presence of the Lord in a prayer house together with both children and adults, we found ourselves together with some 20 people under the cross with a view over half the island and rejoiced in the Lord over what He will do in the church and in Malta. We really enjoyed the quiet, joyful, powerful, moving and sometimes loud times we spent together with our wonderful new brothers and sisters. Every time it is a wonderful blessing and gift from the Lord! Thank you Ben, Eve, Ann, Andy, C…., Victoria, Elisha, Annbel and … and… and … . Hope to see you again! God has so often written history in Malta; among other things, the advance of the Islamisc invasion in Europe was stopped here by a small group of Christians ( we were really amazed to hear this!) – and HE is definitely not finished and He will allow the island (once more), to be a blessing for Europe! God often chooses that which (in the eyes of the world) is small and insignificant in order to show His power as the Almighty One, through them.

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